Ordering | Refund/Cancellation Policy | Miscellaneous


  1. How to order?
    We take in orders by email: cupcakedivinity@yahoo.com.sg
  2. How far in advance should i place my order?
    Confirmation Orders (PAID) are taken on a first come first serve basis, by email only. We do not reserve any baking slot till payment is received and confirmed by the Cupcake Divinity Team. We require full payment upon confirmation of order OR S$50 deposit for the booking of a baking slot.

    For customers who had placed a deposit, kindly note that confirmation of designs and balance payments is required at least 2 weeks before delivery/self-collection.

  3. Do you have a retail store?
    We regret to inform you that we are only based online.

  4. Is a deposit required when placing an order?
    For cakes/cupcakes/desserts:
    - A S$50 deposit or full payment is required for all orders
    - Balance payment due at least 3 days before collection/delivery

    For dessert tables:
    - Full payment is required for all orders

  5. What methods of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, cheque, internet transfer or Paypal (an additional 6% on the total amount will be required for Paypal).

    Please ensure sufficient clearing time for customers who make use of internet transfer or cheques.
Refund/Cancellation Policy
  1. For cakes, cupcakes & desserts:
    Cancellation is NON-REFUNDABLE unless given a notice of 30 days or more.
  2. For dessert table:
    Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE once payment is made and date is confirmed.
  3. For hired items:
    Cancellation is NON-REFUNDABLE once payment is made and date is confirmed. 

  1. Do you make display cakes?
    We make display cakes perfect for bridal events, outdoor weddings or magazine shoots. Please kindly contact us for more information.
  2. Can you make a cake design that isn't shown on your gallery?
    Yes! If you have a design that you would like which isn't shown on our gallery, just email us with the pictures of the design, and we'll discuss further from there!
  3. Can you make picture cakes/cupcakes?
    Cupcake Divinity does have the capability of printing your pictures, corporate logos or images onto cakes and cupcakes.

    Displaying your corporate logos on one of our creative cake designs is a great way to brand your company. Corporations have also used picture cakes & cupcakes for brand launches, retirement dinners, charity events and company anniversaries.

  4. Rental/purchase of Display Tiers?
    Kindly click here for more information.

    Additional charges may apply to fresh flower decor, iced board, sugar names and happy birthday wordings, individual packaging etc., subject to individual requirements.
  5. Do you sell any Decorating Kits/Cake Toppers?
    No. We do not sell any decorating kits or cake toppers. However, we are able to source and purchase on behalf of our customers.
  6. Do you offer cake/cupcake decorating classes.
    Yes, we do offer cake/cupcake decorating classes. Do constantly check our website for our event schedules!
  7. Transporting cake/cupcakes?
    When transporting your cake/cupcake, it should be placed flat on the floor of your car/boot with anti-slip mat.

    Do NOT put it on a car seat, trust us, we've done it and its not a good idea.